Karen Kirton
Karen KirtonManaging Director
We are HR consultants who specialise in helping service based businesses of 10-100 employees scale up and grow.

We do this through providing a dedicated HR partner to create a great workplace culture through implementing our 12-week Find Grow Keep program and delivering on-demand HR support.

Businesses looking to scale and grow need great people.

Paradoxically, many business leaders find the more people they have, the more complex and time consuming their business becomes, actually reducing their ability to grow and thrive.

We find business owners and leaders have 3 main problems:

  1. Finding & keeping great employees
  2. Measuring & rewarding performance
  3. Being stuck in the day-to-day

Strong positive workplace cultures lead to high performance, growth, and long-lasting businesses.

By building a strong workplace culture that can find, grow and keep great employees, business leaders are able to get unstuck from the day to day and experience high performance, growth, and long-lasting business success.


Karen is great! She really knows her stuff. I decided to engage with Amplify HR as we seem to have a similar philosophy to HR and are similar sized organisations.

Amplify HR have assisted with implementing all our HR policies and several processes and have brought a wealth of wisdom in some difficult situations.

Adam Davis, Owner, Clinical Psychology Centre

Someone that can look after the necessary HR requirements that all businesses need to have!

Trudi Yip, Owner, Numeric Eight

Karen and her team at Amplify HR feel like an extension of our team. Karen is responsive, knowledgeable and empathetic, an important combination when you’re making key decisions to best support your people and business. I highly recommend Karen and Amplify HR.

Lachy Gray, Founder/MD, Yarno

We started working with Amplify HR in July 2018 and they have brought professionalism of true human resource service to our business. I have no hesitancy in recommending Amplify HR.

James Dickinson, CEO, Screenrights

I recommend that you use Amplify HR because it’s not just a service where they’re actually doing your work for you, they’re teaching you along the way and giving you that professional opinion. After reviewing other HR companies the good difference is the e-letters and webinars. Karen has that aspect of teaching you as well and giving you the knowledge.

Michelle Danecek, Sooner Transport

Strong positive workplace cultures lead to high performance, growth, and long-lasting businesses

Our Find Grow Keep methodology helps you build your workplace culture to enable you to scale up and grow.

Discover your Find Grow Keep score and receive a customised report in just a few minutes here:


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