Deliver Results Every Time: How to Build a High Performing Team

In most organisations, there are usually one or two employees who are perceived to be more valuable because they have in-depth knowledge of the company’s product or service offering.  These same individuals, however, may often struggle to collaborate and communicate effectively with their own team members. Does this sound familiar?  Do you find yourself coming [...]

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Unemployment may be up but recruiting great people is still hard

Although unemployment is still forecast to peak at over 7% in March, with ANZ reporting job ads are now higher than pre pandemic levels, the employment market is quite buoyant. What we have seen over the past 12 months is that people who are in jobs that are secure are reluctant [...]

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A better way to think about performance management – Part 2

Last month we posted the initial steps to take when you have an employee whose performance is not meeting expectations. Sometimes those initial steps don’t give us the results we need and we need to prepare for a critical conversation.   Critical Conversations 1. Keeping the intention in mind. The intention [...]

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A better way to think about performance management

Even the most motivated and inspiring people leaders find the idea of improving poor performance in their team members one of the hardest parts of their job. And it is not surprising as to why.  Going through a formal performance management process is exhausting! Setting goals tightly monitoring providing feedback reviewing [...]

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How to reduce costs while not destroying your culture

As office workers have moved to working from homes and business leaders try to support their teams while reducing costs, it is still important to cultivate your culture to engage your teams, and keep great employees. It is a difficult balance to try and achieve, but if you: use your Company [...]

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How to rethink engagement to increase performance and profitability

Imagine you have employees who are focused and attentive to their work and believe in the organization's purpose. They don’t just “get things done” ; they go above and beyond, achieving goals and willing to do more. They put forward ideas, collaborate, take less time off, attract and retain customers and [...]

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5 Steps to Manage Casual Employment

Last October casual conversion rights and obligations impacted most Australian employers. Here is a reminder of how to manage casual employment 1. All new and existing Award covered employees must be given a copy of the conversion clause in their Award. Get familiar with the Awards in play at your workplace [...]

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Performance Reviews: Moving Leaders from Judge to Coach

It is around this time of year that organisations start to turn their minds to June and all that means for the end of Financial Year. Budgets are finalised, targets assessed, and generally the dreaded annual performance review is dragged out and managers are reminded over and over again that they [...]

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Employee Experience or Employee Engagement?

I was asked this month about “employee experience” and if it is the same or different to “engagement” and what, as a leader, you should know about it. Employee experience is different to engagement and it is different to customer experience. There seems to be some belief that employee experience is about [...]

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