How to Clarify Roles in the Workplace

Read time: 5 mins Job roles can be slippery fish. The employee thinks they’re responsible for ABC, but the manager thinks it’s XYZ. So how do we fix it? Here’s the big secret: the best vehicle for achieving role clarity is through position descriptions.  I know, it’s not a very exciting prospect. And because of [...]

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Recruiting Right – Use Psychometrics to Find Great People

Read time: 5 mins Psychometric tests, also known as pre-employment assessments, can double or triple your chances of hiring the right person. Unfortunately, most small businesses are not using this powerful tool. Recruiting the right people is one of the biggest factors in creating a great workplace culture. Research shows that you’re two or three [...]

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Can More Money Stop an Employee Quitting?

Read time: 6 mins Imagine your employee has just been offered a much fatter pay packet to work for someone else. Is it worth offering them more money to stop them from resigning? The employment market is tough right now. As we saw in the recent post The Great Resignation is Coming: How to Retain [...]

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Paying Fair – Do you have a Transparent Pay Policy?

Read time: 5 mins Recent media reports about Apple employees disclosing their salaries, and the company’s attempts to stop them, have ignited debate around transparency and pay equity. How does your organisation handle these issues? You may have seen the flurry of recent media reports about Apple employees, concerned about pay equity in the organisation, [...]

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The Great Resignation is Coming: How to Retain your Staff After COVID

Read time: 6 mins The ‘Great Resignation’ is a term coined to explain the mass exodus of the workforce in the wake of the pandemic, observed in the US and Europe. Experts are predicting it's going to hit Australia in March. The great resignation is coming - doesn't that sound ominous. I know a number [...]

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Does your Team Feel Appreciated? Engage Employees with Recognition

Read time: 6 mins Almost 80% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving. Its clear recognition is vital, but how do you do it effectively? Recognition is a huge motivator. Research by the OC Tanner Institute shows that almost 80% of employees who quit their [...]

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Proactive Restructuring: Five Indicators It’s Time to Restructure

Read time: 6 mins Most companies restructure reactively - maybe there’s too much work, or someone has left. But it’s far better to get strategic and restructure before you hit an emergency. When do you think about restructuring your team? Typically there are three triggers that drive organisations to reevaluate their team structures. Unfortunately, they’re [...]

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Meetings that Matter: 5 Tips for High-Performing Teams

Read time: 8 mins We’ve all been to meetings that felt like a complete waste of time. But really, meetings should be a key planning and strategy tool. Here’s my 5 top tips on holding meetings that matter. Meetings get a bad wrap, often because it feels like they are held just for the sake [...]

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Deliver Results Every Time: How to Build a High Performing Team

In most organisations, there are usually one or two employees who are perceived to be more valuable because they have in-depth knowledge of the company’s product or service offering.  These same individuals, however, may often struggle to collaborate and communicate effectively with their own team members. Does this sound familiar?  Do you find yourself coming [...]

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Unemployment may be up but recruiting great people is still hard

Although unemployment is still forecast to peak at over 7% in March, with ANZ reporting job ads are now higher than pre pandemic levels, the employment market is quite buoyant. What we have seen over the past 12 months is that people who are in jobs that are secure are reluctant [...]

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