Faster and better decision making

I once had a senior manager ask why their business should bother creating a Company purpose and values. He had worked for multiple organizations, and some very large corporations which had their values plastered everywhere, but from his perspective these didn’t make any difference to the organization. They just became words and so he viewed [...]

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Production Focused Culture: Why Companies Put Profits Before People

At the start of 2021, employees of an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, began casting votes to form a union. If they won, the union would dramatically change the future of work in America and the billion-dollar tech giant. Amazon claimed a victory as the vote closed on April 9th, declaring that more than 50% [...]

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The Power of Upskilling Employees: How to Get Started Today

For businesses to keep up with industry changes without hurting company morale or its bottom line, it’s best to consider the power of upskilling employees and how it can help a business become more agile and better equipped for any future disruptions.  With a rapidly changing landscape, businesses have to adjust and change the way [...]

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5 Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Fix Them

We are all human, and as leaders it is important to remember that you aren’t perfect. You will make mistakes. Being aware of some common traps may help you to become a better leader to serve your team and customers.  1.     Ignoring feedback and other points of view. Just being the leader doesn’t make you the [...]

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A better way to think about performance management – Part 2

Last month we posted the initial steps to take when you have an employee whose performance is not meeting expectations. Sometimes those initial steps don’t give us the results we need and we need to prepare for a critical conversation.   Critical Conversations 1. Keeping the intention in mind. The intention [...]

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A better way to think about performance management

Even the most motivated and inspiring people leaders find the idea of improving poor performance in their team members one of the hardest parts of their job. And it is not surprising as to why.  Going through a formal performance management process is exhausting! Setting goals tightly monitoring providing feedback reviewing [...]

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How to develop employees without paying for another training course

Have you ever had an employee who mentally checked out a long time ago but still works with you? The resulting effect is a productivity decline which oftentimes spreads dysfunction across the whole team. There's an uncredited quote that I have seen many times:  “The CEO is asked by the CFO. [...]

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The Case for Reimagining “HR Issues”

You know those workplace sayings that raise your hackles and you just wish someone would phrase it differently?  One of them for me is leaders saying they've got “lots of HR issues”.  I know that's a common thing to say. So let me explain.  When a manager says that “HR issues” [...]

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Intentionality is the name of the game

Workplace culture isn’t an aspect of business that runs easily and successfully on its own accord. Neglecting to monitor and develop this area has the potential to allow a negative, toxic, apathetic, or otherwise dysfunctional culture to creep in and damage your business before you even realise it. The key to [...]

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Your Team Needs You: Connecting to Your Staff When it Matters the Most

If you’re a business leader who’s had to make some roles redundant or know you will soon, you’re probably not focusing on engagement and work culture right now. But in my opinion, there is no better time: a crisis shows us our core, our true colours, and our values. How your [...]

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