What happens when you read a business book a month for a year

As part of my personal goals last year, I challenged myself to read a business or leadership book every month. There were quite a few I read via audiobooks, and also a number I received as advanced copies from publishers and could read on my Kindle. The idea started in April 2017, [...]

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How to focus on improving your emotional intelligence

Let’s go back for a moment to 1995. OJ Simpson was found innocent, Netscape debuted, Coolio was at the top of the ARIA charts with Gangsta’s Paradise and fashion was VERY colourful. One thing you may not remember is that Daniel Goleman published Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than [...]

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4 Common complaints about leadership

I think I have been fairly lucky that, for the most part, I have had a Manager who I've been able to respect and communicate openly with. But what happens when employee's aren't very happy with their leader? Firstly, let's look some issues I hear most commonly from people complaining about their Manager. [...]

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Is your business using Whole Brain® Thinking?

About ten years ago I went to a team strategy day, and as part of this, we had a session on Whole Brain® Thinking and received our HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) profiles. Over the years, I've done a number of diagnostics like MBTI, DISC, LSI and MSCEIT, and I think these [...]

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