How to Clarify Roles in the Workplace

Read time: 5 mins Job roles can be slippery fish. The employee thinks they’re responsible for ABC, but the manager thinks it’s XYZ. So how do we fix it? Here’s the big secret: the best vehicle for achieving role clarity is through position descriptions.  I know, it’s not a very exciting prospect. And because of [...]

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Recruiting Right – Use Psychometrics to Find Great People

Read time: 5 mins Psychometric tests, also known as pre-employment assessments, can double or triple your chances of hiring the right person. Unfortunately, most small businesses are not using this powerful tool. Recruiting the right people is one of the biggest factors in creating a great workplace culture. Research shows that you’re two or three [...]

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Why you need to offer a support person

A support person plays an important role in supporting, but not advocating, for their friend/colleague. First let's start with some background on the role of a support person The Fair Work Act The Fair Work Act (s387(d))  states that if an employer unreasonably refuses an employee's request for a support person to the present at [...]

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