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Series 1

The Future of the Workplace

In this four episode series of the Find Grow Keep Podcast, Karen interviews business owners who have decided to move their teams to fully remote, or to a hybrid workplace where they spend some of the week in the office.

We discuss the pros and cons of remote working, particularly around workplace culture, communication, recruitment and onboarding and employee well-being.

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Episode 1 – Lachy Gray

Lachy is Managing Director and co-founder of Yarno, an online learning platform that helps medium to large businesses with distributed teams, get staff on the same page faster. Lachy is a lifelong learner, with a background in Psychology and Information Systems and an interest in decision making, mindfulness, self-managed teams and fully remote workplaces (Yarno being one of them!). 

Lachy believes that being distributed shouldn’t be a barrier to clear and consistent communication. Lachy works with leading brands such as Woolworths, TAL Insurance and Supercheap Auto, to communicate rapidly changing safety, sales and product information to distribution centre workers, call centre and retail staff.

In this episode, Lachy shares the pros and cons Yarno have experienced with moving to a fully distributed team around workplace culture, recruitment & onboarding and employee well-being.  He provides tips and practical take-aways on moving to a 100% remote workplace, which I hope can help you with whatever you decide in terms of the future of your workplace.

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Published 12 March 2021

Episode 2 – Suror Sabeti